PreventAge - International Institute of Integrative Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine 

Since 2010 "PreventAge" Institute has been training medical doctors for new approaches and technologies to the preservation and recovery of patients' health. This training is based on a fundamentally new concept in medicine such as active disease prevention, improving the quality of life and ensuring active longevity!

We offer you new high-performance intelligent tools for your professional growth and success!

"PreventAge®" is the new paradigm of medicine

PreventAge®-medicine – Integrative Preventive and Anti-Aging medicine is based on the most progressive and promising model of health management such as active prevention, improving the quality of life and ensuring active longevity

PreventAge®-medicine allows:

  • to restore impaired health, efficiently and safely, through the use of innovative therapeutic technologies
  • to maintain the body at the young age level for a long time
  • to reduce the risk of disability due to a serious illness
  • to significantly prolong the active period of lifе
  • to look much younger than your age
Why do you need this?

Why do you need this?

Once our educational program is completed, you will get the opportunity to:

  • master the skills of systemic health management and effective prevention
  • significantly improve the effectiveness of your prescriptions and receive treatment results that were impossible before
  • change the format of your practice - make it more independent and less loaded
  • significantly increase your income level
All this will allow you to receive incomparably greater satisfaction from your medical practice.

About us

Founded in 2010

by a group of doctors from The USA and Russia International Institute of Integrative Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine "PreventAge" is a scientific and educational organization

PreventAge Institute

is a team of experts in the field of preventive and anti-aging medicine, ready to share the innovative knowledge gained from their own practical experience and authoritative foreign educational centers, with fellow colleagues

Our mission

is the formation of a new paradigm for the restoration and maintaining of health in the medical society of Russian-speaking countries and the creation of a PreventAge medicical community.

We believe

that the new cohort of medical pioneers will make available to all the patients the new technologies, for restoring health, extending lifespan and preventing age-related diseases

Why is it worth learning from us?

PreventAge is the first and only scientific and educational organization in Russia specializing in training in the field of preventive and anti-aging medicine
our teachers were educated and certified in the leading foreign centers of this profile and are pioneers in the field of anti-aging medicine in Russia
we are not just relaying foreign knowledge, but adapting the context to the national health care specifics and sharing the vast professional experience, gained throughout the years
our program is built in a modular manner in such a way that you can join the educational process at any stage
the information for our program was carefully collected from the various sources and brought together to a single concept of practical knowledge
In addition to the basic certification program, we offer thematic lectures and workshops for those who want to prolong their studies and deepen their knowledge

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